Black Panther



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  • Black panthers aren’t panthers at all. They’re actually leopards or jaguars with black coats. Jaguars live in tropical lowland forests in South America, Mexico, and the southwestern US. Leopards live in grasslands, forests, mountains, and deserts in Africa and Asia. Black panthers are typically found in the denser forests in these regions.

  • Scientific Name: Panthera pardus

  • Characteristics: Black panthers have black base coats with black rosettes that are difficult to see. They have small, rounded ears, strong jaws, and powerful legs. Black panthers that are jaguars have jaws that are more squared than those of their leopard counterparts. They’re also larger, with adult jaguars weighing between 100 to 250 pounds and measuring between seven to nine feet from head to tail. A

  • Size: 5" L x 2" H

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