Blue Translucent Binocular



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  • Magnifying the wonders of nature is the sole purpose of our binocular collection, and both children and adults will appreciate our powerful, brightly colored translucent blue binoculars. Bring nature into focus!
  • Featuring 35 mm precision-polished acrylic lenses for 3.5x magnification, dual lens-saver covers, and carrying straps.
  • Comes with a convenient and protective vinyl case with shoulder straps.
  • Made of heavy-duty ABS plastic with Safari Ltd’s renowned quality, these binoculars are part of the Safariology Collection, which was designed to promote learning and playing together.
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up. Safari Ltd Translucent Blue Binoculars measure 6.44”L x 5.46”W x 1.95”H.

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