Moose Calf



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Although moose can grow to over 7 feet tall, this little calf still has a long way to go! Unlike many other mammal species, moose calves can stand on their feet shortly after they’re born and can even run after a few days. After a week, they can run faster than a human!

  • Scientific Name: Alces alces

  • Characteristics: We know this moose calf is absolutely precious, but don’t get too close – moose cows defend their young fiercely! Meticulously sculpted by hand and painted with amazing true-to-life detail, this figurine is a wonderful gift for a nature enthusiast or model collector, and is also great as a piece of décor or as a toy for rewarding and beneficial play.

  • Size and Color: 3 inches long and .9 inches tall, this tiny moose tot is about as long as a deck of cards on its side and as tall as tall as a quarter stood upright. Like all moose, this model has a thick coat of hickory brown fur that becomes lighter around the legs.

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