Polar Bear



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  • Native to the Arctic Circle, polar bears are a unique species of bear that have adapted to survive in cold, harsh environments. The largest land carnivore on Earth, polar bears are also classified as marine mammals due to their dependency on the sea for food.

  • Scientific Name: Ursus Maritimus

  • Characteristics: Capturing both the size and might of this majestic creature, this meticulously crafted figurine provides you with an up-close look at one of Earth's apex predators. Reflected in the calm gait of this model, polar bears aren't as vicious as their size or predatory capabilities would suggest, and they often choose to avoid confrontations.

  • Size and Color: 10 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 4.7 inches tall, our polar bear statuette is about as long as a legal-sized piece of paper, as wide as the length of a deck of cards, and a touch shorter than a soda can. While your home may be a bit warmer than it's used to, this polar bear and its snow white coat will fit right in with your collection.

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