PP Anti Colic Plus Bottle 150ml/5oz

Tommee Tippee


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  • Effective against the symptoms of colic
  • Unique, easy latch-on teat shape
  • Super-sensitive anti-colic valve
  • Soft natural feel silicone teat

This safe and easy to use bottle is effective against colic. The vent tube helps baby to feed without a pause. Before feeding baby check the heat sensing tube. If this is blue it is safe to feed. If it is pink the milk is warmer than the 37 degrees. The temperature should always be tested on the hand before feeding.

No air bubble means your baby is swallowing milk, not air in their continual feeding action.

The breast like shape teat ensures that your baby can switch between your breast and bottle, and can latch onto both exactly the same way.

The teat is made from softer touch silicone that gently elongates and flexes during feeding in much the same way as mum's nipple, so it mimics a natural breastfeeding action.

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