Rocky Mountain Stallion



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  • Despite what its name indicates, the Rocky Mountain Horse did not originate in the West. Breeders in Appalachian Kentucky created the Rocky Mountain horse in the late 1800s. This horse has gentle ways, a naturally occurring comfortable gait, and a calm temperament.

  • Scientific Name: Equus ferus caballus

  • Characteristics: Rocky Mountain Horses are medium-sized horses, usually 14 to 16 hands in height. Even with minimal shelter, these robust equines can withstand harsh winters thanks to their heavy coats and thick manes. Rocky Mountain Horses must have solid body colors, but they can have minimal white markings on their faces and legs. This breed of horse is naturally gaited. When they move, you can hear four distinct hoof-beats, since their feet hit the ground separately. This gait comes naturally to a young Rocky Mountain Horse.

  • Size: 6" L x 4" H

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