Zebra Foal



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  • Unlike many other mammals, newborn zebras are fairly self-sufficient when they’re born, and can stand and walk on their own. Did you know it was once thought that zebras were white with black stripes, but recent study revealed they are actually black with white stripes?

  • Scientific Name: Equus quagga

  • Characteristics: Although it's hard to tell at a glance, every zebra's stripes are unique to that individual, making this little baby a one of a kind foal! Meticulously designed and hand painted for precise scientific accuracy, our wildlife figurines bring even the most exotic parts of nature to your home in stunning detail.

  • Size and Color: Arguably one of the most iconic animal colorations in the natural world, almost everybody knows zebras by their jet black fur with pearlescent white stripes. 3.5 inches long and 2.8 inches tall, this figurine is a bit bigger than a deck of cards on its side.

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